Tips for Better Sleep

Similar to regular exercise and a nutritious diet, good quality sleep is very important. Lack of sleep leads to negative effects on the body functioning and cause risk to many diseases and leads to weight gain, whereas healthy sleep can keep you healthier and increase your performance level as well.

So if you are looking for ways to remain healthy and get good sleep, read the following tip for the same.

Reduce caffeine and alcohol consumption

Adenosine is a sleep-inducing chemical which is greatly affected by caffeine. If we are consuming caffeine daily and in excess amount, it will definitely lead to sleep deprivation. It is a great feeling when you have a glass of wine and your eyes hardly open up. Some people consider it good for sleep but they are on the wrong track as alcohol itself prevents good sleep. It is advised to limit alcohol and caffeine intake in order to increase quality sleep duration.

Avoid eating high-fat food before going to bed

You should try your best not to consume high-fat food as it will not let you take proper sleep.  If you still do it, take something that helps you get some sleep like bananas, kiwis or cherries.

Keep your phone aside

Screen lights are not healthy as they will keep you alert and wide awake even an hour later. So the best you can do is to avoid looking at screens at least an hour before dozing off finally.


Exercise keeps you fit and healthy plus it has benefits as it helps in developing good sleeping patterns if you exercise regularly. So it happens that when you return home after working out, your body gets tired and you get a good quality sleep.

Reduce naps during the daytime

Short naps are good for the functioning of the brain whereas sleeping for a long time during the day can ruin your sleep routine and can be disturbing. People who take daytime long naps are found to feel sleepy during the daytime.

Have consistent sleep and wake time

Studies have proven that people who have different sleeping and waking times; find it difficult to have a good sleep in the long run. The body gets used to the pattern but when it is disturbed, it will affect your sleep.

Melatonin supplement

A very important sleeping hormone, melatonin, sends a message to your brain, saying goodnight. So in order to make it happen, people take a melatonin supplement which is a very good and famous sleeping aid.  So take it before going to bed, and get a seven-star snooze.

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