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10 Popular Kids Shows for 2019

Everyone loves to binge watch, the kids do, too. Make sure that you put on some shows that are both funny so that kids can laugh out loud as well as the ones that can teach good things. According to all the data, these are some very popular kids TV shows you can watch along with your kids.

  1. Chhota Bheem: It is a very popular animated TV show amongst the kids that is broadcasted on Pogo channel. This adventurous and comic TV series has achieved a humungous growth in recent years as compared to other shows.  This show focuses on the character of a kid called Chhota Bheem who is very strong as compared to other adults and is always ready to offer help to the ones in need.
  2. Tom and Jerry: This American TV show has been watched by people for decades and still remains their favorite. This animated series is broadcasted on Pogo and Cartoon Network. It basically covers all the chasing that the cat named Tom does while running after the cute and clever mouse, Jerry. Jerry gets lucky every time and escapes the cat’s trap. Along with all this, there comes some moments where friendship is also focused which is good for kids to learn from.
  3. Motu Patlu: It is a comic animated series that is taken after “Lot Pot” which is also a comic series. This series is broadcasted on Nickelodeon. It is basically a story about two friends who keep encountering some problems, mostly caused by Motu and solved by Patlu, through which they always bail out with sheer luck.
  4. Shin Chan: It is a Japanese manga series that is now dubbed and broadcasted in numerous languages. In India, it is aired on Hungama channel. It is based on a kid name “Shin Chan” who loves to create a mess and annoy everyone like his parents and teachers and eventually gets successful in doing the same.
  5. Pokemon: It is one of the best and the most popular anime that is broadcasted on Hungama channel. An anime that is based on a video game in which the main character Ash Ketchum aims to become a Pokemon master someday.
  6. Oggy & the Cockroaches: It is a French animated TV series that kids can watch on Cartoon Network and which is available in different languages for different cities and countries. The center of this show is Oggy, a blue cat and 3 roaches named Joey, Dee Dee, and Marky. They plan mischief to create misery in Oggy’s life somehow. However, Oggy keeps getting help from different creatures like a horse, an octopus and many more.
  7. Ninja Hattori: It is an animated manga series that is watched by kids on Nickelodeon. In this show a boy named Ken makes a friend called Hattori and it is a very cute show that is made by the makers of Doremon.  
  8. Mr. Bean: It is an animated British Television series that is broadcasted on Pogo channel. Mr. Bean is a funny character who does something stupid in his everyday life and causes trouble for him and to get out of the trouble, he attracts some more and annoys other people as well.
  9. Doraemon: A successful Japanese animated manga series that is shown on Hungama TV. It shows a robotic cat called Doraemon who travels back in time so that it can help a boy, Nobita Nobi.
  10. Peppa Pig: In this show, animals can do almost everything a human does. This is a British animated series which is way too adorable for kids as they keep them glued to the screens. It shows Peppa’s family adventures in all the episodes that are aired.
  11. Spongebob Squarepants: This show has been around for more than two long decades and is aired on the Nickelodeon channel. This show centers the main character, sea sponge that is a fun loving fry cook and loves annoying his neighbor Squidward.
  12. Paw Patrol: This is an adorable show especially for the ones who love pets. In this show, the pups of PAW Patrol are ever ready to protect Adventure Bay from upcoming dangers.
  13. Gravity Falls: An American TV series that revolves around Dipper Pines’s and his twin sister Mabel’s adventures in a town called Gravity Falls. This is a hilarious show with good music and animation. Friendship and forgiveness are good lessons kids can have from this show.
  14. Masha and the Bear: This cute show is based on a Russian fairytale that revolves around a three-year-old girl, Masha and her friend, a retired circus bear, named Bear. This show teaches stuff like friendship, loyalty, and creativity.
  15. Hilda: This series is based on some graphic novels and it centers a girl named Hilda who happens to enjoy being on an adventure with some magical characters like trolls. This is a very beautiful animated show which is worth watching.
  16. Ask the Storybots: This animated show is about five robots who have gathered to answer a few questions which they do by performing songs or skits and inviting some celebrities like, Snoop Dogg and Ali Wong. This show is quite educational which is why it is liked and appreciated by the parents.
  17. Sofia the First: This animated show is for the ones who have desires to be a princess. This show is all about a regular girl named Sofia who becomes a princess all of a sudden when the King marries her mother. This show teaches kids to stay grounded and be helpful and a good human being, even if you are from a very good financial background.

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