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10 Popular Kids Shows for 2019

Everyone loves to binge watch, the kids do, too. Make sure that you put on some shows that are both funny so that kids can laugh out loud as well as the ones that can teach good things. According to all the data, these are some very popular kids TV shows you can watch along with your kids.

  1. Chhota Bheem: It is a very popular animated TV show amongst the kids that is broadcasted on Pogo channel. This adventurous and comic TV series has achieved a humungous growth in recent years as compared to other shows.  This show focuses on the character of a kid called Chhota Bheem who is very strong as compared to other adults and is always ready to offer help to the ones in need.
  2. Tom and Jerry: This American TV show has been watched by people for decades and still remains their favorite. This animated series is broadcasted on Pogo and Cartoon Network. It basically covers all the chasing that the cat named Tom does while running after the cute and clever mouse, Jerry. Jerry gets lucky every time and escapes the cat’s trap. Along with all this, there comes some moments where friendship is also focused which is good for kids to learn from.
  3. Motu Patlu: It is a comic animated series that is taken after “Lot Pot” which is also a comic series. This series is broadcasted on Nickelodeon. It is basically a story about two friends who keep encountering some problems, mostly caused by Motu and solved by Patlu, through which they always bail out with sheer luck.
  4. Shin Chan: It is a Japanese manga series that is now dubbed and broadcasted in numerous languages. In India, it is aired on Hungama channel. It is based on a kid name “Shin Chan” who loves to create a mess and annoy everyone like his parents and teachers and eventually gets successful in doing the same.
  5. Pokemon: It is one of the best and the most popular anime that is broadcasted on Hungama channel. An anime that is based on a video game in which the main character Ash Ketchum aims to become a Pokemon master someday.
  6. Oggy & the Cockroaches: It is a French animated TV series that kids can watch on Cartoon Network and which is available in different languages for different cities and countries. The center of this show is Oggy, a blue cat and 3 roaches named Joey, Dee Dee, and Marky. They plan mischief to create misery in Oggy’s life somehow. However, Oggy keeps getting help from different creatures like a horse, an octopus and many more.
  7. Ninja Hattori: It is an animated manga series that is watched by kids on Nickelodeon. In this show a boy named Ken makes a friend called Hattori and it is a very cute show that is made by the makers of Doremon.  
  8. Mr. Bean: It is an animated British Television series that is broadcasted on Pogo channel. Mr. Bean is a funny character who does something stupid in his everyday life and causes trouble for him and to get out of the trouble, he attracts some more and annoys other people as well.
  9. Doraemon: A successful Japanese animated manga series that is shown on Hungama TV. It shows a robotic cat called Doraemon who travels back in time so that it can help a boy, Nobita Nobi.
  10. Peppa Pig: In this show, animals can do almost everything a human does. This is a British animated series which is way too adorable for kids as they keep them glued to the screens. It shows Peppa’s family adventures in all the episodes that are aired.
  11. Spongebob Squarepants: This show has been around for more than two long decades and is aired on the Nickelodeon channel. This show centers the main character, sea sponge that is a fun loving fry cook and loves annoying his neighbor Squidward.
  12. Paw Patrol: This is an adorable show especially for the ones who love pets. In this show, the pups of PAW Patrol are ever ready to protect Adventure Bay from upcoming dangers.
  13. Gravity Falls: An American TV series that revolves around Dipper Pines’s and his twin sister Mabel’s adventures in a town called Gravity Falls. This is a hilarious show with good music and animation. Friendship and forgiveness are good lessons kids can have from this show.
  14. Masha and the Bear: This cute show is based on a Russian fairytale that revolves around a three-year-old girl, Masha and her friend, a retired circus bear, named Bear. This show teaches stuff like friendship, loyalty, and creativity.
  15. Hilda: This series is based on some graphic novels and it centers a girl named Hilda who happens to enjoy being on an adventure with some magical characters like trolls. This is a very beautiful animated show which is worth watching.
  16. Ask the Storybots: This animated show is about five robots who have gathered to answer a few questions which they do by performing songs or skits and inviting some celebrities like, Snoop Dogg and Ali Wong. This show is quite educational which is why it is liked and appreciated by the parents.
  17. Sofia the First: This animated show is for the ones who have desires to be a princess. This show is all about a regular girl named Sofia who becomes a princess all of a sudden when the King marries her mother. This show teaches kids to stay grounded and be helpful and a good human being, even if you are from a very good financial background.

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Photographs from such a precious day of your life will be cherished forever.  Wedding photographers are available in a huge number, but who will be the best for you is a tricky question. So to select the one who will capture all the emotions of THE DAY, you should go through the following important steps.

Decide the style you want:

There are numerous styles of wedding photography so you should take out some time and go through them and select the one that will be suitable for you. Traditional, classic, illustrative and photojournalism are amongst the few.

Start looking early:

Wedding photographers are in high demand in the wedding season so try to search and finalize the one you find the best among others.

Search online:

Searching online is a great way to find a great photographer. You can go through his/her website and look for the services provided. The best thing about online search is that you can go through the reviews about that photographer to know their quality of work.

Create a shortlist:

Once you are done with your research about the wedding photographers, narrow down the ones you find interesting and suitable as per your choice. The next step would be to arrange a meeting, and check their portfolio.

Talk to him in person, in details:

  • Ask him about his style of photography:

You must have an idea by now about his style of photography by looking at his pictures. But when you meet him face-to-face, ask him about the same in more details so that there is no doubt left. Share your ideas with him and listen to what he has to say.

  • Ask about their experience:

His experience in this field will tell a lot about his work so you should clarify this ASAP.  Ask him if he has done similar style of weddings earlier and ask him if he can give a count of the weddings he has done till date.

  • Ask him the budget:

It is always considered the good practice to have clarity about everything. So tell him your budget and ask him the money he will charge for all of it so that there is no problem afterward. Also, ask him the process of making the payments as it gets really messed up if misunderstood at some point.

  • Ask him for picture delivery:

Make it clear about the time when you will get the pictures and how are they going to deliver it to you.

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Tips for Better Sleep

Similar to regular exercise and a nutritious diet, good quality sleep is very important. Lack of sleep leads to negative effects on the body functioning and cause risk to many diseases and leads to weight gain, whereas healthy sleep can keep you healthier and increase your performance level as well.

So if you are looking for ways to remain healthy and get good sleep, read the following tip for the same.

Reduce caffeine and alcohol consumption

Adenosine is a sleep-inducing chemical which is greatly affected by caffeine. If we are consuming caffeine daily and in excess amount, it will definitely lead to sleep deprivation. It is a great feeling when you have a glass of wine and your eyes hardly open up. Some people consider it good for sleep but they are on the wrong track as alcohol itself prevents good sleep. It is advised to limit alcohol and caffeine intake in order to increase quality sleep duration.

Avoid eating high-fat food before going to bed

You should try your best not to consume high-fat food as it will not let you take proper sleep.  If you still do it, take something that helps you get some sleep like bananas, kiwis or cherries.

Keep your phone aside

Screen lights are not healthy as they will keep you alert and wide awake even an hour later. So the best you can do is to avoid looking at screens at least an hour before dozing off finally.


Exercise keeps you fit and healthy plus it has benefits as it helps in developing good sleeping patterns if you exercise regularly. So it happens that when you return home after working out, your body gets tired and you get a good quality sleep.

Reduce naps during the daytime

Short naps are good for the functioning of the brain whereas sleeping for a long time during the day can ruin your sleep routine and can be disturbing. People who take daytime long naps are found to feel sleepy during the daytime.

Have consistent sleep and wake time

Studies have proven that people who have different sleeping and waking times; find it difficult to have a good sleep in the long run. The body gets used to the pattern but when it is disturbed, it will affect your sleep.

Melatonin supplement

A very important sleeping hormone, melatonin, sends a message to your brain, saying goodnight. So in order to make it happen, people take a melatonin supplement which is a very good and famous sleeping aid.  So take it before going to bed, and get a seven-star snooze.

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How to Make Cheese

Cheese making process is way easier than what people think is.

The only ingredients needed are:

  • A gallon of whole milk
  • Half cup buttermilk
  • Salt/ seasoning (optional)

STEP 1: Begin with fresh and warm milk

The freshness of the milk you choose for making cheese is directly proportional to the delicious flavor of the cheese. So in the initial stage of cheese making process, you need to warm milk (whole milk is highly recommended). Transfer a gallon of milk in a medium or large pan and put it on the stove and wait for it to boil.

STEP 2: Add acid

When you notice the bubbles forming along the sides of the pan, add your chosen acid to make it curdle and keep stirring the milk or it can burn. So there are 3 different acidic products from which you can make a selection: Lemon juice, buttermilk, and white vinegar. In this recipe, half cup of buttermilk will be an add-on as it is known to produce the smooth-est cheese.

STEP 3: Let it curdle

Next, you need to take the pan from the gas and stop stirring once the solid curds start developing. You now need to separate the freshly made cheese chunks and left over milk liquid, called whey, properly. This whole process can take approximately 15 to 20 minutes, depending on factors such as milk, acid, and temperature. Point to remember: Do not fragment the curds anymore.

STEP 4: Strain the cheese and whey

When curds separate, sieve them using a strainer and don’t forget to keep aside the separated whey. Next, wash the curds using cold water. It’s better when you drain and rinse curds simultaneously as it will result in a good textured cheese. After getting done with rinsing the curds, make sure that you get rid of all the excess liquid from it.

STEP 5: Seasoning (optional)

Adding flavors to cheese is totally optional. You can either add kosher salt or some fine sea salt and other fine seasonings like: freshly cracked black pepper and chives.

STEP 6: Dry

After applying the seasoning to the freshly made cheese, wrap it up in a cheesecloth. The cheese needs to settle down a bit, so just let it sit for sometime before refrigerating it.

This recipe is by far the easiest one as it requires nothing special in its ingredients list but some handful of household ingredients. You can also try making cheese with rennet or culture as well.

The leftover whey (that was mentioned above) is very useful and can be added to pancakes, smoothies and shakes for improved and smooth flavor.

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Can Pregnant Women Drink Tea?

When you are expecting, you know that you need to be aware of foods and stuff which are not good in pregnancy. For example coffee is considered unsafe because of the amount of caffeine in it, but what about tea? Is it safe to drink tea during pregnancy?

Tea is an approved beverage but not all the teas are same and some are as strong as coffee. It is highly recommended by health experts that 200mg of caffeine is more than enough for a day’s consumption.

If the amount of your caffeine intake is more than 200mg, the risk for your pregnancy also increases; leading to miscarriage, premature delivery or baby born with lower birth weight, fast heart rates, and increased breathing rates.

So, it is advisable to consume teas which are safe and healthy, like TISANES (another name for herbal tea). Herbal teas are made by soaking leaves, berries, roots, bark, flowers, and seeds of different plants which provide medicinal benefits.

While some teas are very beneficial for expecting mothers, some are better to avoid.

Safe Tea List:

Below is the list of teas which are considered safe to drink during pregnancy:

Ginger Tea: Herbal tea is perfectly fine for pregnant women as it can cure nausea, vomiting, and cramping which happen in early pregnancy. It is well-known to relieve pregnant women from morning sickness. Peppermint tea also has the same benefits as this one.

Point to Remember: Just don’t over-do it.

Red raspberry leaf tea:  This tea is rich in iron, alleviates nausea, and helps in toning uterus and keeping it healthy, and ease labor pains.

Point to Remember: Consume it in the third trimester to help with labor.

Rooibos tea: One of the best herbal teas which does not contain caffeine. It is rich in zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium, and antioxidants.

Benefits: Detoxifies body, helps in easing acid reflux and improves digestion, helps fighting allergies, infections.

Dandelion tea: Dandelion leaf tea is rich in potassium and known to have an effective diuretic effect and eases fluid retention.

 Point to Remember: Add Dandelion tea to peppermint tea as it is bitter in taste.

Benefits of Drinking Safe Pregnancy Teas: Teas which are made using herbs have medicinal properties and are wise selections over the caffeinated ones as they:

  • Ease morning sickness, nausea, diarrhea.
  • Strengthen the uterus for labor.
  • Offer necessary nutrients.
  • Lower anxiety levels.

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